The middle school years represent a great transition from fundamental education to the new skills of acquiring, retaining, and processing a vast amount of increasingly-complex knowledge. Additionally, students are expected to be more responsible, independent learners while simultaneously adapting to their new learning environment.

Bellevue Tutors works with your child to help them develop the skills and aptitude necessary to succeed during middle school and at the same time, prepare them for the next critical leap to high school.

We offer private, in-home tutoring for students in all academic areas, as well as general study skills and executive functioning modification.

We also provide test prep instruction for students preparing to take high school entrance exams in 7th and 8th grades. Test prep tutoring includes comprehensive diagnostic testing and customized, individual instruction. With our help, your child will be more than ready for the high school years!

Give your student a head start toward a great high school experience and beyond by building a strong foundation in middle school!

Middle School

Bellevue Tutors is an education company providing custom one-on-one tutoring and test prep from highly qualified local tutors.

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